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Level 1, 203 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia CRICOS CODE: 02623G | RTO CODE: 91109
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Course Duration: 4 weeks Campus: Sydney Rating on social media: 5.0
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Accredited by NEAS, this TECSOL course prepares participants to teach English to children 4 to 12 years of age. It is available to students with an Intermediate English level. It will develop the language skills of the student and introduce teaching methodology and activities for teaching younger learners. Micro-teaching and observation are also key aspects of this course. Participants can also gain real teaching experience through optional work experience programs in accredited pre-schools.

  • Language development lessons – speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  • Workshops on teaching methodology for children
  • Practice making lesson plans
  • Demonstrations of classroom management
  • Presentations and practice using songs, making masks, teaching games and other activities
  • “Teacher language” lessons
  • Practice teaching with your colleagues
  • Observation at state primary schools in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education
  • Optional work experience as a teacher’s assistant in a local pre-school

Student's Voice

  • Randall Moreno Filho

    I have so much to say about IH Sydney. I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to get to know so many qualified professionals, make new friends and learn things in ways I couldn't ever imagine were possible. I attended to IELTS prep classes, TESOL and ETYL. All three courses were delivered amazingly and all teachers and trainers are committed to help you and assist you any way they can. I strongly recommend this school and I can't wait to be back for CELTA. I'm missing all the staff, classmates and students already. Overall, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped me, specially, Zozan, Phillip, Krisztie, Tom, Lucas and Zeynep (you guys are awesome). I miss all of you.

  • Samuel Angel Chau Lauz

    que nos la oportunidad uno en un millon de poder acceder a la beca que seria de gran ayuda para mi,no podido salir al entranjero por falta del idioma ingles gracias

  • Douglas Stvanovck

    Tive a oportunidade de estudar em 02 escolas diferentes e foi notório para mim a diferença na qualidade de ensino. Achei o material e didática de ensino muito fraco em relação a outra escola que passei. Outra coisa que me frustrou e acabou me prejudicando foi a forma com que eles trataram meu reembolso. Paguei horrores por 3 meses de estudo e ao completar uma semana de aula tive a necessidade de retornar em urgência para o Brasil por motivos pessoais ao qual expliquei a diretoria da escola. Enfim. Não me reembolsaram nada e ainda tive que pagar multa por rescindir o contrato. Sinceramente tenho uma tese de que nada está escrito em pedras. Mesmo sendo essa condição estabelecida em contrato tive uma razão em especial que me fez cancelar o curso. Injusto. Não recomendo!

  • Manuel Chacon

    This school is more of the same, the only good thing are the teachers or at least those ones that I know. This is by far not a cheap school, but ist facilities worse than the cheapest one, the classrooms are small, crowded, and uncountable, as well as tables and chairs. They charge You $15 each week for “materials” but you only will receive copies, forged about books, forged about student card, you will not get one. The school has such a number students that they are not able to give them a stable classroom and you have to move every day between different rooms, even you cannot take your lunch break at the same time every week. If you choose this school may your breakfast will be your lunch. Anyway this is a business more students, less facilities = more money!

  • Ricardo Novais

    I am currently studying at IH Sydney. Initially enrolled in the course (TESOL) to learn how to manage a class room. This 5 weeks that I have been studying there just proved me that their aim is to get money into their pockets. Class mixture: 90% of my classmates are Korean, 7% Japanese and I am the rest. Most of the time, students are talking either in Korean or Japanese, and it does not matter if the teacher tell them not to speak in their own languages. Course management: well the course and the materials seems to be really messy. Teachers are changing rules everything week. We lean new techniques to help us managing a class, we have demo lessons, yet I receive a couple of them, and when we go to TP (training practice), we don't have the complete materials, and you have two days to prepare with no materials to help you. Why don't they deliver the material on our first day? Classmates English level: well, this part is complicated. They seem to be pre-intermediate students, the make some mistakes like "more easier", "is difficult" (not using the subject) and so on. Sometimes I look and think "what am I doing here?", Because I know that my English is not 100% accurate, not even 90%, but those people's English is a lie. Classrooms: the put us in a classroom pretty small. My class has 17 people, and we study in a classroom with 3 rounded tables, there is no space to swing a cat in there. The projects and cables are all in the middle of the room, no security at all, and the teacher come to us explaining about safety in the classroom. That might be a joke, really. I don't know how those people studying for "free" (the ones who we give classes to) feel, because I would feel very demotivated if I were taught by those people who make simple grammar mistakes and don't know how to pronounce most works. I mean, I am not good, but I know my own level of English.

  • Mistofrain Kukkik

    I love the way they taught and the teachers were nice

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