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Reviews of College of Sports and Fitness - Student's Voice

Tom Berridge

My course here is great! (Cert IV sports coaching) Tom is great and makes his lessons exciting, as is Laura who's knowledgeable even when I complicate her life with difficult questions she takes time out to help. Also Pexie with the BJJ classes, teaches good respect and techniques every class! He always offers extra classes and social events! Also the student services are always on hand to assist with anything!

Stefano Mian

Yesterday Capoeira practical class. Strength condition and capoeira moves! Feeling great today !!! Obrigado Mestre Peixe !!! ��� Looking forward to the next practical class!!!

Jesus Andres Velandia Buitrago

I really enjoyed it. I had great time. The teachers are amazing. It was a perfect opportunity to have fun and to make new friends from diverse nationalities. I would recommend it.

Julio Chaves

CSF has gone through many changes in its lifetime. In fact many enterprises has an endless journey of improvement. I've chosen to use the word "improvement" because there is no such thing as "perfection". I truly believe that this college will always work beyond its allocated time to always Accommodate for of the people's needs within the Sport and Fitness industry. CSF is a great place for your future sport, and fitness program...

Rodrigo Vento

One of the biggest mistakes of my life. Just gave up on waiting after 40 minutes for the teacher which didn't show up for the class. No mails alerting students about their enrolments, teachers grab the workbook activities and dont mark on the system. Everyday a new disappointment.

Luke Sung

Its great!!!i love it!!! Bjj class is awesome. I love friends who met in class.

Sibyl Xiang

so cool

María SF

Low quality. I don't recommend this school, just is for visa. Most of the people think the same.

Andrew Noone

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are what makes it all worth while �

Noemi Fajardo

Fantastic school to keep you on your Visa! As far as you keep sending the money they ask questions, but don't try to lurn anything. You're going to waste your time and money.

Tan Lodi

“To anyone who has a dream to come to Australia to combine studies with sports, I would recommend contacting CSF College. The staff and teachers at CSF have given me exceptional help at all times. So my experience at CSF has been nothing but positive and I highly recommend it.”

Bastien Lorenzo Paget

I am learning a good knowledge in my capoeira class to be a coach. This sport help me to be confident and learning something I like. The teacher is really motivate and show us a lot of interest during the class.

Jeanette Dzeneta

Good college enjoying capoeira classes.Very good practical sessions!!!

Andre Meyer

ALOHA ! Surf Coaching is the secret . Best way is study sports coach and surf with your mates in Bondi Beach,. Highly recommended. Salve mestre Peixe, OSS !

Santi Peloche Ibáñez

0 in service. They really need to work on that if they want to be competitive and professional.

Casquinha Capoeira II

Such a lovely place ...

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