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Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


Apply for your Student Visa in Australia with this Childcare Diploma course and become an Early Childhood Educator.

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Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

Greenwich College

Gain practical culinary skills and real-world expertise with the Certificate IV in Kitchen Management at Greenwich College

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Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing


Take your digital marketing skills to the next level and become a Digital Marketing Manager or a Digital Marketing Strategist.

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Diploma of Information Technology

Laneway Education

Choose your specialisation in Website Development or Cyber Security.

Diploma of Weight Management

College of Sports and Fitness

Become a Weight Management Specialist.

Bachelor of Arts Therapy

Ikon Institute

Get the skills and knowledge to become an Arts Therapist.


Bachelor of Cyber Security


Safeguard tomorrow: Pursue cyber security education in Australia

Bachelor of IT (Mobile Applications Development)


Design, build, and publish iOS and Android mobile apps from scratch with AIT's in-depth mobile app development program. Graduate with a robust portfolio showcasing your work.

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Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Communication

Laneway Education

Study in open space campuses and apply for a Student visa in Australia.

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Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)


Would you like to have a satisfying career and work with the elderly as an aged care worker?

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Diploma of Sustainable Operations


Learn how to manage and measure the carbon footprint and sustainability performance of an organisation.

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Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Laneway Education

Turn your idea into a business.

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Diploma of Leadership and Management

Greenwich College

Get ready to take on the management and leadership responsibilities.

Diploma of Project Management

Entrepreneur Education

The role of a Project Manager may vary across a range of industry sectors and workplace environments. In the Diploma of Project Management course, you will learn project leadership and management skil...

🚨 $7,000 or less Next intake soon

Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

Laneway Education

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management at Laneway Education formerly known as Laneway International College will prepare you to work in roles with senior or managerial responsibilities. Upon gr...

Bachelor of Audio Engineering & Sound Production

JMC Academy

This Bachelor Degree will give you an advanced and applied understanding of electronics and acoustics, as well as help you extend sound concepts into mixed media - such as TV, film and radio.

Bachelor of Music (Songwriting)

JMC Academy

This Bachelor Degree is designed to help you create strong, focused songs that perfectly blend your lyrical ideas with powerful melodies.

Advanced Diploma of Accounting


This qualification is designed to reflect the role of individuals working in accounting and seeking professional identification. At this level, individuals are expected to apply theoretical and techni...

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